Affirmation Cards

FLY Mindset Deck 

Do you realize those negative thoughts are stopping you from living the life you deserve?


If you are unsatisfied with where you are in your life and are feeling stuck, let’s use these 35 POWERFUL POSITIVE affirmations to start getting you unstuck and F.L.Y. (First Loving Yourself.) This deck comes with a PLAN that is sure to help you manifest your desires! There are also 5 additional blank cards for you to create your own. They are also perfect for a gift! Click below to learn more!

Sassy Sweatshirt 

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Do you realize what you wear can impact your mood?


This sweatshirt is sure to help with your FLY (First Loving Yourself) affirmations! This show-a-shoulder top will have you feeling cute, confident, and comfortable all at the same time! Click below to learn more!

Customizable Fitted Tee

True Love - V neck

Have you heard of looking for love in all the wrong places?


This super cute, customizable, fitted t-shirt is the perfect reminder of where true love really begins! It’s you! This also is a celebratory statement that you’ve put in the work, and you understand the importance of being FLY (First Loving Yourself.) Not quite there yet? No worries, this shirt is the perfect affirmation to help you see it until you believe it! Click the button below to learn more.


First Loving Yourself kit

Not sure where to begin your FLY journey? No problem, here’s the perfect place for you to start! This kit is packed with items that will have you affirming and focusing on first loving yourself with intention!

45 Day FLY Journal 

This journal was created with you being FLY in mind! First Loving Yourself, is no easy task so this journal will assist you with loving yourself with intention. It will bring so many things to light to help you celebrate the queen that you are! There are 45 days worth of activities that you must complete. It's fun, exciting, and very rewarding!

There's plenty space for you to journal, place pictures, and stickers!

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The Shop-of-FLY was created to help remind women of the importance of being FLY (First Loving Yourself)! It's Life Coach Von's desire that these products will help bring a level of self-awareness and intentionality in each queens' effort to prioritizing their wants, needs, and desires. Remember, being FLY isn't about forsaking all others. It's about understanding that "I can give my best, when I have it to give!"

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